Corporate Wellness

Create a bespoke corporate wellness package that will take care of your business and your employees. Within the UK, employee mental health problems in the workplace cost the economy £70 billion annually. 91 million workdays are lost in the UK due to symptoms of mental illness each year. These figures show how many people are struggling with mental health problems that are affecting their day to day lives. It also shows the vast amount of money that businesses are losing out on as a result. The WHO (World Health Organisation) has estimated that for every $1 invested into the treatment and support of mental health disorders sees a return of $4 in improved health and productivity. Another review on mental health and employers shows that for every £1 businesses invest in mental health training and coaching programmes they can see a return of up to £10. These figures shows that ignoring mental health in the workplace can come at quite a cost.

Benefits to businesses:

  • Increased business performance & productivity

  • Improved team relationships and morale

  • Reduced employee absenteeism

  •   Elimination employee burnout

  • Improved health & happiness

  • Improved customer service ​

More than two-thirds of the people who responded said coaching helped them improve their work performance, and 80% said it helped them improve their self-confidence.

What We Offer Your Business 

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1. Online interactive mental well being course 

This is a 10-week programme that focuses on building mental resilience, self-belief and confidence, suitable for all individuals with particular focus on those struggling with mental health problems. This course provides education on how your mind works and how you can use it differently so that individuals are equipped with the tools needed to overcome challenges and reach their full potential.

All employees receive an individual log in and make their way through the course content in their own time. The portal includes videos, assessments, written information and practical activities. Employees receive support via an online community forum where they can ask direct questions and meet others going through the course.


2. One-to-One Coaching 

Online personalised one to one coaching, tailored to the individuals needs. This service enables employees the opportunity to have an hours video call with a coach. The sessions are usually held weekly for a period of 8-10 weeks but bespoke packages can be arranged. Regular monthly follow up meetings can be organised to assist in maintaining their progress. This service can be used as a support tool for people working through the online course, to ensure maximum results. One to one coaching helps people to gain clarity on what they want and how to achieve it. It keeps them accountable to their personal development and provides an opportunity for them to talk things through with someone who is qualified to assist them. These sessions are for people who tend to ruminate, experience stress, anxiety and low mood and want to be supported in any area of their life.


3. Team building days 

Fun, challenging and life changing team building experiences. A combination of course content in preceding weeks to prepare teams for a challenging day out. A day or weekend of challenging outdoor pursuits to get teams out of their comfort zone and putting their new found mental resilience skills to the test. Followed by debriefs and follow up coaching to ensure teams, individuals and the business get the maximum benefit from the experience. All team building packages are bespoke and created with the management team to meet individual business needs and budgets. 

Contact us for a bespoke package that matches your individual business needs.

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Online Mental Health Courses