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Within One Mind Academy, we train and empower women to create their own coaching and healing business of their own.

We provide training, personalised coaching, our proven Master Your Mindset methodology & Life coaching interventions to equip our members with the tools they need to become a Mindset and Life Coach.


Within the training, we provide a business development programme 'Master Your Business' to teach you the business fundamentals and ongoing personalised support to get members off to a flying start in creating their vision. We teach you how to align to your messaging, use marketing strategies, sales processes to sign your dream clients. 


We also provide you with a spiritual alchemy coaching course outlining tools for those that want to bring a bit of magic into their coaching sessions.


Community is at the heart of everything we do at One Mind Academy, therefore all of our programmes focus on bringing people together in a heart centred way through group coaching and our community forum.


We have a fast growing community of heart centred, passionate, and ambitious women who are ready to step up and take the lead in helping others.

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See the attached PDF for more details on each programme.