About Us

About Us


Welcome, my name is Octavia and I am the founder of One Mind Academy.

My mission is to help 111k aspiring women coaches, healers and spiritual entrepreneurs to create a healing business that betters humanity.


My purpose in life is to wake people up. To move people away from judgement and fear, to connect to their heart and to contribute to the collective healing and spiritual education of the planet. ​

After individually battling with my own mental health in my early 20's, I went on a quest to learn more. I invested endless hours and over £35,000 into trainings, qualifications and personal development courses. I am qualified to Masters level in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, and have trained in Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Cognitive-behavioural coaching, PYSCH-K, solution focused coaching, meditation, breathwork, human design, theta healing, reiki and business coaching and strategy.

I  always felt the call as a little girl to help people but I didn’t know how. Then, as time went on I realised I wanted to help people’s souls. Four years ago I created a business doing 1-1 coaching sessions, group programmes, corporate wellbeing workshops and retreats. 

I fell in love with helping others and educating them to move away from mental pain and towards spiritual growth and wellbeing. So much so, that I wanted to help more people, and I knew I couldn't do it by myself. I wanted to have an even more positive impact on the world which lead me to create this academy.  

It is my passion to empower women to create their own coaching and healing business of their own. Not only do I love supporting these women on their own personal development and healing journey, but also seeing the ripple effect it has as they go on to help their own clients. 

Bringing all the best tools and interventions from my trainings and experience, this coaching academy includes the most effective and recognisable resources, for people to gain awareness and insight into their own psychology. The information across our programmes have undeniably been the most effective method in my own mental wellbeing, and those of my clients.


Within this academy, myself and the team now train women to become mindset and life coaches, to not only have a purpose-driven job that they love, but so they can help even more people find freedom and peace of mind. It truly is the best job in the world! 

My vision is to make these resources and training materials readily available for people all over the world to use with their clients. I believe that every human being deserves to live their best, most inspired life, to thrive and not just survive.

Why One Mind?

We are all one.

Everything and everyone in existence is connected by a universal field of energy.


We are all sparks of light from the same source.


One Mind represents our deep connection to ourselves to eachother and to the world around us.


Within One Mind Academy we understand that individuals thrive better together. We are passionate about community and are driven to create community in everything we do. We are so proud of the community of coaches that we have created and believe it to be one of the most important things we do. Research has demonstrated the role that a lack of social connection plays in the generation of depression, anxiety and addiction amongst people worldwide.

The way we interact with the world impacts the way our brains work. Studies have shown that feelings of disconnection can cause such a high amount of stress, generating a surge in cortisol levels equivalent to that of a physical attack, which ultimately has negative impacts on our mental and physical wellbeing.

Historically humans lived and worked together in tribes. This played a vital role in our survival which enabled us to thrive. Since the 1930s we have become more disconnected than ever before. As a society, community connection has been on a decline. Despite our innate desire to live within a community we are facing life alone. We have been creating a culture of competition over collaboration and material attainment over connection, turning our back on our most basic survival instinct.

All of which has led us to becoming the loneliest generation to date and in turn a generation with epidemic proportions of depression, anxiety, addiction and obesity. 

We are screaming out to reconnect.

That is exactly what our community at One Mind Academy aims to do. We are creating a global community of people who can connect to support each other to work towards our vision and live a life on purpose. Inspire means to excite, to encourage and to breathe life into. At Within the One Mind Academy, we want to inspire and encourage people to live a life of enthusiasm, creativity and freedom, so they can truly thrive. 


Our Vision and Values


We believe that individuals reclaim their power when taking responsibility for their lives. We recognise this as the first step to sustainable change. We enable individuals to build internal resources to overcome any challenge with confidence and resilience.


Our services combine evidence based coaching techniques. This practical approach ensures our clients acquire the knowledge and skills needed to reach their individual goals.


We promote individuality and self-acceptance, encouraging freedom from past trauma, future worry and societal conditioning. We provide new insights and perspectives as options, enabling individuals to create their own informed opinions based on what is right for them as an individual.


With an attitude of commitment to continual growth, Bee Inspired helps individuals to move in the direction they want whilst enjoying the journey. Think of your best possible self. What would your life look like if you had no limits? We bridge the gap between your dreams making it into a tangible goal and in time reality.


We believe that individuals thrive better together. We are driven to build mutually supportive communities in everything we do, inspiring a ripple of positive change.